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Electrical Panels
Electrical Panels
Emergency Electrical Repairs

Whenever you experience electrical glitches in the most unexpected moments, we are the team you need to call! Our experts will inspect your overall electrical configurations- outlets, wiring, electrical panels- to identify the root of the problem and fix it. Cota Electric has you covered for any emergency that it presents. Call us now!


If you are thinking about re-wiring your home, we do it right the first time! Cota Electric has the ability to take outdated wiring or circuits and replaced them for new ones. Our electricians are skilled to complete this task with the utmost quality, so your home’s wiring system functions adequately. 

Take control over your property’s electrical components by installing electrical panels. Electrical panels distribute the electrical power into circuits that are protected by a breaker. Our technicians perform a thorough installation to ensure that you can manage your home’s electrical systems.

Surge Protection

Our technicians offer a great selection of surge protection devices that protect your electrical equipment from damages caused by power failure. As well, these devices help you reduce electrical shutdowns that might negatively impact your company’s productivity. Call our team today.

Capacity Upgrades

Our experts in engineering have the ability to update you outdated power systems to increase their capacity and improve its efficiency. Our technicians offer an assortment of capacity upgrades solutions that are designed to meet your specific power control needs. Call our experts now to review your options!

Lighting Solutons
Lighting Solutions

Improve the quality of your property’s lighting with the help of professionals technicians! Our advanced indoor and outdoor lighting solutions are designed to bring to your home energy efficiency, maximized performance, and cost savings. Our techs offer varied options that meet with your specific lighting needs. Give us a call now!

Exterior Lighting

Light up your landscape, patio, or gardens with our gorgeous external lighting solutions. We offer a great collection of lightnings that will not only increase the beauty of your estate, but that will add more value to your property. Illuminate your outdoors spaces and create an inviting ambiance for your friends or visitors with our help.

Security Cameras / Lighting

Our customized security lighting solutions allow you to detect criminal activity in your property thus, helping you increase the security of your home. Boost the feeling of safety in your own property by calling our team. We have the ability to complete high quality installation to protect your property from intruders.

Outlets and Switches

Get an outlet exactly where you need one. Our professionals offer outlet installations and switches upgrades to make your estate’s décor. No more having to bend over backwards for you to have access to power- leave your switch and outlet relocating to our qualified team.

Ceiling & Ventilation fans
Ceiling and Ventilation Fans

Allow for your interior spaces to feel open and airy with the proper ventilation solutions and ceiling fans. Our team works with a wide array of ceiling fan styles and ventilation options, for you to choose. We install, maintain, and repair all ceiling fans and ventilation features.

Electrical Appliance Connections
Electrical Appliance Connections

Use your electrical appliances today! Whether you have a new dishwasher that you are dying to try out, or a new refrigerator that you want to put to use immediately, we can help. We get your electrical appliances up and running with energy efficient connections and at a favorable price.

Home Entertainment Connections
Home Entertainment Connections

Having a smoke alarm installed to your estate gives you a peace of mind. A smoke alarm can potentially save your life if a fire should ever occur. We wire your smoke alarm in a way where you won’t be dependent on batteries for it to function. Rest in the thought that your smoke alarms will keep you protected.

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